Exceed Institute of Safety, Management and Technology

Accredited programmes by BTVET focusing safety health and environment, security field & oil and gas

Safety Health and Environment Consultancy

We help clients toward their journey of deploying best practices in occupational safety and health for business excellence.

Safety and Security Consultancy

Our Safety and Security Consultancy offers companies and organisations the opportunity to enhance predominately safety into the security sector and vice-versa.

Supply of Safety Equipment 

Helping organisations towards accessing quality and improved equipment and resources to ensure healthier and safer workplaces.


Exceed Institute of Safety, Management and Technology (EISMAT) is a private institute registered and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sports (License No. ME/VOC/227) and the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (Certificate Number OSH: 004355/A).

The Institute works with a variety of stakeholders and institute staff to develop programmes that will serve to improve safety at work places, quality and productivity in all sectors in Ugandan and other East African countries.  The stakeholders include people from a variety of backgrounds, namely, highly qualified and experienced health and safety practitioners, environmental specialists, engineers (electrical, mechanical and civil), lawyers, medical doctors, work planners and supervisors, manufacturers and suppliers of safety equipment, with the core objective of improving awareness, knowledge and individual attitudes of our people towards Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management.


To Skill and Empower Individuals, Groups and Organisations in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment through Education, Training, Community Engagement, Research and Innovations.


To become the leading center of Excellence and Reference in Occupational Safety and Health in East Africa


Excellence, Collaboration, Diversity, Experimentation, and Innovation


EISMAT offers;

  1. Academic programmes at vocational level
  2. Safety, Health and Environment Consultancy Services
  3. Safety and Security Consultancy Services
  4. Supply of Safety Equipment.


Today’s increasing globalisation, industrialisation and advancement in technologies has led to increased activity in the manufacturing, construction, mining, agriculture and service sectors.

The increase in industrial activities has also increased industrial accidents. The world Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that developing countries such as Uganda are exposed to 80% of the global occupational hazards and these hazards are expected to double by the year 2025.

The challenges have created a unique opportunity and greater demand for highly trained and highly skilled health and safety personnel like never before. Health and safety skills have been identified as crucial and fundamental to excel in today’s competitive world. With the exploration of oil and gas in Uganda it’s projected that over 150,000 jobs will be created and health and safety skills remains a key requirement.

Exceed Institute of Safety, Management & Technology (EISMAT) is the first, leading and only institute in Uganda offering Occupational health and safety programmes. EISMAT has taken an enterprising step to reach out to the youth, offering them a safety proffessional career opportunity. We are pioneering a fresh approach to occupational Safety and Health Education offering accredited undergraduate education and training programmes in an imaginative and unique way.

Over the next few months, many high school graduates will join universities and other higher institutions of learning, some of whom are unprepared for the challenges of higher education or the independence it requires and will struggle without clear direction. EISMAT, has partnered with several organisations to prepare students for today’s sophisticated and demanding environment. This collaborative effort has resulted in improved health and safety programmes that fully integrate with experiential learning in the real world provided by our institute’s business partners.

In this ever changing world, narrow academic theory quickly loses relevance. At EISMAT we go beyond just giving our students a solid academic grounding in safety and health. We integrate other relevant skills like effective communication, leadership, problem solving, entrepreneurship, computer and the strong financial literacy skills that students need to help them succeed no matter how our unpredictable world changes. The main idea is that our programmes immerse students in new environments that expand their skills and competencies, so that they can demonstrate proficiency and innovation in their career.

Students who have graduated from our programmes report that many of the skills and competencies gained during the programme have helped them think creatively, secure jobs and excel professionally. Most employers have recognized the benefits of hiring our occupational safety and health graduates.

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Institute principal


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