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The ILO are urging governments to invest in OSH systems to not only respond to the current covid-19 pandemic that has cost over 3 million lives worldwide, but also to safeguard workplace health and more specifically to avoid further infections and a quicker recovery.  Many workers have been released from their employment due to reduction in opportunities for companies.  Some are now working for half salary and many are now working from home.

As we try to contain the spread of the virus, we open ourselves to different occupational safety and health risks.  Working from home and zoom meetings are fine, but we are social animals and need the interaction with other human beings.  Violence and psychosocial problems have emerged as people feel themselves isolated from friends and family.

Other risks have emerged due to the change in our work procedures and practices.  These new hazards are not really new, but are now becoming more noticeable as we change our ways of working, examples include ergonomic, chemical and psychosocial with harassment and violence increasing.


EISMAT based in Lubaga can assist companies and government bodies to invest in safe management systems and help them integrate different management systems [environment, quality, security] to give companies a total safety system.  The next pandemic has already been forecast and companies must be prepared for yet another disruption in their workplans unless they have a more stringent safety system in place.

Companies have become involved in occupational health services for their workers. Companies have to be proactive and not reactive as we move forward.  New ways of work can assist, but as they bring new hazards and risks companies need to have trained Safety, Health and Environment Officers and Managers to ensure the company complies with all the international, national laws and regulations.

EISMAT can assist companies and train safety, Health and Environment Officers to a professional standard.

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