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SDG 3: Good Health. 

When you look at the third SDG 3 and the link to safety and health it is clearly obvious.  Good health is intrinsically linked to safety, health and environment, as we cannot have one without the other two.

Good health is needed not just for work, but for life itself.  For us to enjoy the opportunities that present to us; we need good health.

From an employer’s perspective they want their workers to be fit and healthy.  Healthy workers are more productive, there is less absenteeism, less accidents and less compensations costs.  Simple really, it is evidence based, healthy employees both physically and mentally are better workers.

The goals within the goals do not even mention safety and health, but it is vital if these goals within a goal are to be achieved.  In many countries Uganda included, healthcare has a financial implication, which simply means people have to work to have money to pay for the basics.  In a country that has no social welfare net, people cannot afford to be sick nor off work.  Companies want profits, but will only achieve them if their workers are productive and the cycle continues.

Companies need safety, health and environment officers if they want to increase their profits, but to do that they need healthy employees.  Good health and well-being is something that employers should be buying into.  Good health and well-being are the basics of a healthy workforce, be they construction workers or office workers.

So let us promote safety and health to our employers as with increased profits, there is usually increased salary.


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