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SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable cities are healthy cities, they are cities where it is safe to live and work.  Simple enough, so why do we not want them?  Where are the planners, why do have we slum areas, where there is no sanitation and safe water.  Why are children allowed to defecate and urinate in the street?  Attitude and people’s perceptions are the route of many of these challenges.

The Healthy Cities concept, the Healthy Village, the Healthy Island concept can assist us to make communities sustainable and allow us to live in safe and healthy homes.  Freedom from vector transferrable diseases is possible if we have healthy and safe living places, clean streets, safe water, good sanitation and safe and healthy workplaces.

What we learn at school, our workplace is transferred to our homes. Thus, it is important to have Safety and Health Clubs in all our schools, have Safety and Health Committees in all our workplaces and these to be active and monitored and evaluated.  With both our schools and workplaces being safety and health orientated, this knowledge and skills would be transferrable and the general public would by seeing and emulating; pick up the key points.  Therefore, communicable disease would reduce and we would have a healthier population.  This population if healthy would increase productivity as a healthy person is more motivated and were the environment where they live and work is of a high standard then productivity, innovative ideas and new work practices can make companies more profitable, employees salaries raised and economic growth for the country.  Now who does not want that?


To achieve this Uganda needs Safety, Health and Environment. Can you be instrumental in making this happen, if yes contact EISMAT at

info@eismat.ac.ug/ 0705 336 066.

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