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As we wait on the President to tell us what will happen re-another lockdown especially in Kampala. The question we should be asking ourselves is Why are Ugandans not following the SOP’s?

If we look at nearly all other countries affected with this virus, the majority are following their countries SOP’s.  So what is so different about Ugandans?

Is it that, they don’t know?

Is it that, they don’t care?

Is it that, they want to die?

We cannot just say “this is Uganda”.

From the President down we have been given information on why we must social distance and wear a mask.  There have been video’s and TV adverts showing people how to wear a mask and its importance.  Radio programmes have also been spreading the message. Still Ugandans are not complying.  Even the Police Officers are seen not wearing them properly.

Safety and Health in this type of pandemic is so important, but where is it?

Arcades and malls were opened and the number of positive cases erupted.  Number of people dying increased, but still no compliance to the SOP’s.  Maybe the SP’s are wrong, but in this case I think not.

In safety and health, compliance is one of the golden words, but it needs people to be analysing, recognising, evaluating, but most of all implementing and ensuring compliance.  In compliance there needs to be measures to ensure people do as they are supposed to do and not what they want to do.  If everyone was allowed to do as they wanted there would be chaos and carnage.  Let safety and health be at the forefront of this pandemic and let us move forward together. Or should we start preparing for another 45 day lockdown.

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